Yocan Magneto Replacement Coils (5-pack)


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Yocan Magneto Replacement Coils (5-pack)

Talk about innovation! Yocan's innovative coil design for their Magneto Vaporizer Kit is by far the most convenient way to scoop your goop. This fantastic coil has a built in cookie-cutter style scooping tool. It's so fun to just poke it and smoke it!

The innovation doesn't stop there though. The chamber cap is magnetized so you will never strip those fine threads again, nor do you need to worry about your reclaim clogging up those same threads. No threads equals no problem!

Oh you thought that was the last of the innovation? One more thing. Look at the actual coil itself. It's the coolest thing I've seen to date. The coil design looks like something of the future. The top part has a slot that first concentrates the heat into the cookie-cutter tool which then slides down into the vaporizing chamber allowing a more even and clean hit.

These coils already last a long time, so when you buy this 5-pack, you are investing in your long term ability to keep the party going. As with any concentrate vaporizer, you will need to clean every surface that comes into contact with the vapor, 91% rubbing alcohol makes this process all too easy.

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