Torch Portable eNail by Yocan


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Torch Portable eNail by Yocan

Yocan Torch Portable eNail Review:

TL;DR - Add this to your collection if you have a bong and love extracts.

As the name suggests, the Yocan Torch Portable eNail is exactly that, though you won't be needing any combustible gasses to achieve the proper temperature. This device come with a pre-installed dual quartz coil that heats up between 482°F - 536°F, which is the perfect range for vaporizing your favorite extracts.

There are several attachments that enable you to customize your vaping experience as well. Since everything about the Yocan Torch is universal, you can use many different coils that are 510-threaded and small enough diameter to fit into the chamber housing.

This kit contains a splash guard that caps off your heating chamber, therefore you get to use your extracts to the fullest with minimal waste and easy cleaning. Also included is a very clever, variable sized (14mm - 18mm) and reversible mating connection (male and female) that is used to affix the Yocan Torch to it's proper home (your bong!). Save money on combustibles as this is the only Torch you will need.


  • Yocan Torch Portable eNail (with dual quartz coil pre-installed)
  • Spare Quartz Dual Coil
  • Glass Chamber Cover
  • Scooping Tool
  • USB Charging Cable

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