Buddy Premium Oil Vaporizer


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Buddy Premium Oil Vaporizer

The Buddy Premium Oil Vaporizer is made for the people on the go. This device lets you fill up with your own oil mixture very easily. This allows for someone to casually puff on the device whenever you please with little to no preparation! When the device is not in use it automatically goes into standby mode to prevent the battery from draining. While inhaling the LED light turns on to give you indication that you are vaporizing. When your battery voltage is dead at 3.3V the low voltage indicator will flash twice to inform you that your battery is low and is time to replace.

If purchased as a pack then you will receive a display case.

  •  Specially designed for self filling.
  •  The size is almost as traditional electronic cigarette, very portable.
  •  Fully Disposable 
  •  When the electronic cigarette is not in use, it keeps in standby mode.
  • The LED light will be turned on during each puff
  •  When the voltage is lower than 3.3 V, the device will blink 2 times to inform you its time to replace the battery. 

Only to be used for legal oil* 

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