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AiroPro Vape Pen Indigo Pro by Airo Brands, Inc.

Airo Pro Battery Vape Pen Review

AiroPro Vape Pen for indigo pro carts will soon be your favorite alternative oil vaporizer. This vaporizer will vibrate as you inhale so you have no doubts on if you are hitting it or not. With being a hand-held vaporizer it fits nicely in your hand with a slender profile. With the AiroPro Vape Pen your favorite alternative oil will taste better than ever before. You can only use the AiroPro Cartridge with this vape pen.

AiroPro Vape Pen uses cartridges filled with your number one pick alternative oils that you can buy separately. This vape pen is all you need to get you through the longest days. With this vape pen you will never have to look for a light on the bottom or any other indication because with every inhale you take the pen vibrates slightly on your lips. The AiroPro Battery Vape Pen has a long-lasting battery and you can vape on it while it is charging. This vape pen also has a durable casing that is almost unbreakable with normal usage. The cartridges use revolutionary ceramic technology that is magnetic to the pen and is leak-resistant. Every puff you take off of this will provide you with a clean flavored vape with no burnt taste. Try the AiroPro for the indigo pro carts today!

AiroPro Battery Vape Pen Includes

  • 1 Vape Pen
  • 1 USB Charge Cable
  • 1 User Guide

This brand and company are known for pure oils. The AiroPro Battery is hard to find. If you are searching for the Airo Pen, you've found the right place, there are 3 known colors available: white, purple, and gunmetal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My AiroPro Vape Pen?

The only way to truly clean the AiroPro Vape Pen is to clean its cartridge area, consisting of threads and contacts. Use a cotton swab that has been soaked with Isopropyl Alcohol and clean around the threads where the cartridge screws in. Be sure to clean around the bottom of the cartridge threads as well, as this is a place where residue can build up. By cleaning your device and maintaining it properly, it is sure to last you longer and work as intended.

How To Revive A Dead AiroPro Vape Pen?

The AiroPro has a proprietary connection instead of a drop-in pod connection or standard 510 connection, so replacing the cartridge with a new AiroPro cartridge is always an easy way to revive a dead AiroPro Vape Pen. If the battery no longer holds a charge, you will need to replace the entire unit since the battery is integrated into the device.

How Long Should I Charge My AiroPro Vape Pen?

The AiroPro Vape Pen presents an integrated 320mAh rechargeable battery. The device can be recharged to allow users to continuously use the device virtually anywhere. It features a micro-USB charging port and comes with a micro-USB cable to recharge the device. If the device flashes 10 times, it is an indication that the device is dead and needs to be recharged. Begin charging the device. The AiroPro Vape Pen requires 120 minutes of total charge time.

How To Use AiroPro Vape Pen?

The AiroPro Vape Pen is a device that has been designed around convenience and ease of use, therefore using it is an absolute breeze. To use the AiroPro Vape Pen, simply insert your cartridge into the device. Next, take a puff from the device and you will notice that the device will automatically activate. Because of the way the device was designed, you will not have to worry about doing anything else to activate this device. While active, the AiroPro will vibrate to indicate its activity, such as each time you take a puff. 

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