Vortex by Aqua Liquids 60ml


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Vortex by Aqua Liquids 60ml

Aqua Vortex Vape Juice Review

Vortex by Aqua Liquids is like having a lazy cheesecake. It’s not baked but it still contains the same ingredients. Honeyed graham crackers, rich vanilla, and sweetcustard infused together making an easy pastry made just to your liking. A spinning cycle of beloved ingredients extracted into a beautifully madevape juice.

Submerge yourself into a pool of deliciousness, graham crackers may be simple but they’re full of packing flavor. Now imagine that in vapor layering onto your tongue with sweet luscious vanilla as you inhale, the sugared creaminess of custard will invite itself into the mischievous duo making it into a thriving trio on the exhale.

Aqua Liquids went all out on this alluring vape juice, they made sure that this juice fulfilled all expectations and needs when any customer purchases this juice. You want flavor? You got flavor right here with Vortex.

Flavor Profile: Graham, Vanilla, Custard

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30

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