The Hype Collection Blue Frost by Propaganda 100ml


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The Hype Collection Blue Frost by Propaganda 100ml

Propaganda The Hype Collection Blue Frost Vape Juice Review

What was known as Blue Slushee is now known as Blue Frost by Propaganda’s The Hype Collection. This has to be everyone’s favorite bone chilling drink,blue raspberry with blended icy chunks that’ll satisfy your famished taste buds and cool you off on a hot summer day. Although there are many blue slushie flavors out there there is nothing quite like how Propaganda makes theirs. 

When you take a puff of this flavorfulvape juice you’ll feel like you just sipped on a blue slushie within seconds. Smooth sailing blue slushie on the inhale dazzling your taste buds with each droplet of vapor. Along with small tones of menthol joining in on the exhale sending chills down your spine and flavor on your tongue.

Enjoy your nothing but pure blue slushie by Propaganda and let your taste buds freeze over in icy delight. Blue Frost is one of the most well known blue slushie flavors out there and it will not be stopped, not even by a simple name change. Do you think this vape juice is only good for summers? Try having this on a chilly winter day.

Flavor Profile: Blue Slushie, Blue Raspberry, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30

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